Carpet Cleaning Services Novi MI | Upholstery Cleaning | Area Rug Cleaning

On any given day, your carpets face more wear and tear than most other items in your home. Elements such as soil, dirt, grit, and spilled items can easily damage your carpet and cause premature wear. Professional carpet cleaning is the solution you need. Getting your carpets professionally cleaned and repaired once every 6 to 12 months can help you boost the life of your carpet and protect the investment you made. At One Stop Carpet Care and Repair, we take pride in being a service provider that our customers trust. Our customers count on us for every carpet want that they have. Established in September of 2004, Dave has spent the last decade building on the skills he learned at his family-run flooring and restoration business. When it comes to cleaning and restoration, we handle a wide range of projects that deal with carpet cleaning, carpet repair, and more. Irrespective of what state your carpet is in, we are the only carpet cleaners you will need to call! If it’s an easy job, we will have your carpets cleaned, ready, and smelling fresh in no time. Unlike other cleaners, we do not give up on carpets! We are up for hard to manage jobs because we use unique and effective equipment such as wax cleansers, rotary extractors, and high-power RX-20 HE Total Floor Care Systems which clean carpets as well as tile grout. Whatever you want, we are your one-stop-shop! Some areas on your carpet may be worn, while other spots may have been at the receiving end of spilled drinks or cigarette burns. Our carpet specialists are experts at carpet repair methods, and we will have your carpets looking as good as new in no time at all! An A-Z services company, we are also professionals who handle all aspects of upholstery cleaning. From picking-up and delivering your area rugs to conducting A-Z area rug cleaning, our experts will do it all. Floods and water logging often ruin carpets, upholstery, tiles and hardwood areas in your home. Our wide range of services include water restoration so you don’t have to worry about the state of belongings after calamities. If it is salvageable, you can trust us to save it! Tile grout and slippery hardwood make walking difficult and look unsightly. With expert equipment like RX-20 extraction units, we have the tools to get rid of these problems for you. While fixing carpets, many businesses take the easy way out and don’t stretch it properly. If you are facing lumps in your carpet due to improper or no stretching, call us. With a background in flooring repair and years of experience, we specialize in providing this service. Not only are we registered at the Chamber, we are also members of the Better Business Bureau, so you can have complete peace of mind when you choose us. Contact us today!