Upholstery Cleaning Novi MI

Furniture is a large investment. The cost of new furniture makes it a big decision and it can take months or years of searching for the right couches, ottomans, and recliners that fit your style, pair well with your color theme, and fall within your budget. Despite the investment, few people consider how they should protect their furniture to make it last longer. The key to making furniture last is to maintain the upholstery. By having the fabric expertly cleaned thoroughly, the fabric stays fresh and keeps its original color. Over time, smoke, dust, and food and drink spills have an effect on the look of the furniture. That's not to mention the things you can't see like tiny crumbs, pet dander, skin particles, and germs. Having these particles removed is very helpful for those who suffer from allergies. Couches, chases, and chairs all look their best after a quality steam cleaning. One Stop Carpet Care & Repair of Novi, MI offers an upholstery cleaning service that can help get out scents and set in stains that often leave furniture looking old and dingy. If you have tough stains that have been there a while and you think the piece is damaged beyond repair, think again. Schedule a visit today to see the technicians work their magic and restore the material to its original color and condition. Any household that has pets or children is a place for natural disasters. Marks, spots, and stains are almost inevitable. Much like their carpet cleaning services, One Stop Carpet Care & Repair can get out all of these kinds of stains. After they perform the upholstery cleaning, they apply a Scotch-Guard protectant to help the fabric stay clean. While some companies won't clean certain pieces of furniture because they don't know enough about the fabrics and are afraid of ruining the piece, the specialists at One Stop Carpet Care & Repair are not afraid to clean any kind of sectional, love seat, or chair. They are familiar with many types of fabrics. They use a special wand to clean the furniture with specific cleaners that are best suited to each type of material. Novi residents can call today to set up a free estimate on upholstery cleaning. It's possible to save money by booking now with One Stop Carpet Care & Repair's holiday specials to make your furniture look its best in time to enjoy the holidays at home with your family.